Live casino regulars have likely come across the term “Gamification” at some point in their player journey. But even if this is a new concept to some, it has seriously influenced the current shape of online play. 

In this article, we will explore what online betting Gamification is and how it has changed the online betting game for good.  

What Is Gamification?

Gamification is used in different ways in various industries today, but it can be summed up in the following way: the application of game mechanics added to non-gaming environments. 

Gamification elements include points, badges, leaderboards, and other features that drive user engagement and progress towards achieving goals and growing as a player. 

Apart from taking the iGaming world by storm, Gamification is also reaching much farther. It is being used with great effect in retail, e-commerce, healthcare, banking, Fintech, food & beverage industry, education, software, politics, and many other industries.

Gamification in online casino games

Even though you don’t hear it talked about much, Gamification has been part of the online casino industry for quite a while now. However, the concept has started gaining widespread recognition only in recent years, especially in the areas of online casinos and online slots. 

Various online slot producers have embraced Gamification to provide a more immersive and addictive experience for their players — with points, badges, leaderboards, and special prizes all included in their games.

Some iGaming businesses have been applying Gamification concepts anywhere they can, allowing for a sizeable increase of online players. In the digital realm, players have made themselves feel at home with chats, item exchange options, free spins, and more goodies that make for a more enjoyable and immersive gaming experience. 

Online casinos have also greatly benefited from introducing loyalty and VIP programs that award loyal players tasty perks. Typically, these goods are earned when a player collects a certain amount of points or completes a special mission. For example, the player could receive 15 free spins by playing five different online casino games within two days. 

Some iGaming businesses mainly do different daily missions, where the mission is to complete as many challenges as possible before the next tasks come in. Other online casinos focus on levels, ongoing missions, and leaderboards — the more missions you complete, the closer you get to the leaderboard’s top spot, with higher levels giving access to greater prizes. 

All in all, Gamification opens a new world of possibilities for players and attracts new people to join in the fun — especially those who enjoy video game-type experiences. 

What Are The Benefits Of Gamified Online Casinos? 

With the basics covered, let us explore the real reasons why Gamification can make the online casino adventure much more addictive and enjoyable. 

1. Constant Player Evolution

Leveling up and earning rewards based on achievements has always been a magnet for gaming aficionados worldwide. In conjunction with online casinos, this can open up a new realm of entertainment for players. 

When it comes to online casino play, level advancement can include more bonuses and even more attractive prizes. 

Here, the sky is the limit, and top casinos take full advantage of that. The joy of the progress bar filling up as you place your bet and earn real cash will keep you wide awake and wanting to come back for more — day after day.

2. Progress Sharing

Today, we share big chunks of our lives on social media, but while we’re at it, why not make the most of it? Online casinos that use Gamification allow you to share your accomplishments and awards with other players so you can compare and celebrate your win with others. 

Thanks to online casinos, playing for cash doesn’t have to be an isolating experience, with no one around you to share in the joy. Online casinos that use Gamification give you the option to share your ups and downs with the world, so you can feel more connected as you surround yourself with people who share your passion for gaming. 

3. More Exciting And Immersive Play

Many people have been playing online casino games without really having any fun doing it… 

With online casinos that use Gamification, however, players no longer have to put up with this as the games are much more exciting and can keep players engaged for countless hours. 

Powerful storylines, hidden treasure chests, special missions, badges, and points are not only present in video games now but a growing number of online casinos already apply them to their products. And evidently, it works like magic!

These elements give players unparalleled immersion and help them take their favorite activity to a whole new level.

4. A New Level Of Competitiveness 

Online casino Gamification has everything needed to draw in people with a competitive spirit. If you truly enjoy competition, you are in for some great action should you join a gamified online casino site that would usually have in-depth leaderboards through which players can keep track of their journey as they go head to head to win the ultimate prize.

Join exciting daily missions and play games to score as many points as possible while climbing the leaderboard to win cool prizes such as bonus cash or free spins. 

Furthermore, you can earn loyalty points which you can trade for some tasty content. The more you invest in an online casino that uses Gamification, the more you increase your chances of winning amazing rewards. 

5. More Side Missions/Quests

Online casino players these days need more well-rounded and interactive experiences, or they will get bored quite easily. 

And that is why gamified online casinos created various side games which are simple, fast-paced, and easy to get used to. In addition, (as the name suggests) they break up the routine of the traditional casino games. 

Side games also carry rewards that can be earned when you get to a certain point on the scoreboard or win a certain number of games. 

This type of online casino play has been around for a while, but not on such a level as it is now. Side games in online casinos that use Gamification can be so well made that they can be more immersive than even regular ones. 

Artificial Intelligence And Gamification Implementation

Many industries have benefited from the birth of AI, and Gamification in online casinos is no exception. 

Business owners can now use Artificial Intelligence to provide a more seamless and fair gaming experience while also saving money that would otherwise have to be used to control a complex gaming ecosystem. 

But how exactly do you gamify an online casino? 

One of the primary ways online casinos can use Gamification to their advantage is to reward players for liking their social media pages. They can also use cool bonuses released after the player performs specific actions. For example, a reward might be earned if the player completes a mission within a specific timeframe.

There are countless other ways to apply Gamification, including the examples mentioned above, but they all have one thing in common — to boost player engagement and drive revenue. 

The Future Of Gamified Online Casinos

Many old-school online players are of the mind that Gamification is here now and gone tomorrow. However, being aware of just how much it has done to improve the industry worldwide, is an unlikely outcome. 

There will likely be a drastic increase in gamified online casinos, with a sharp focus on games that can entertain players of all backgrounds. 

Another winning trend to keep your eyes open for is social media+online casino integration. Players may be encouraged to share their achievements to earn better rewards, with the aim of online casinos being to draw in as many new players as possible with the aid of popular social media platforms.

Lastly, keeping in mind how the concept expands the gaming experience in so many ways, it is almost without a doubt that virtual reality (VR) will also work in unison with Gamification to great effect shortly.